Polish Clinical Psychologist in Leeds


Individual and group psychotherapy for Polish and English people with Danuta Koziello-Doherty in Leeds

1. Personal Approach

I understand many psychological problems as a consequence of deficits in the satisfaction of basic developmental needs in early childhood. Due to these deficits, the child cannot sufficiently mature into its adult true self, as it has suffered damaging consequences on three levels: biological, psychological and existential.I try to assist people in rediscovering and becoming who they really are, to help them broaden their consciousness, to trust their body as a reliable source of information, to express emotions and have more positive anticipation of what life can bring, resulting from new, positive experiences.

2. Professional Background

I have worked for many years as a qualified clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with psychodynamic, cognitive, humanistic and system oriented principles. I have unified these methods with body-movement techniques and offer them to clients in the way that empowers them to stay in charge of their own therapeutic process. I work with individuals, couples and groups.I am full member of European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP), EMDR Association UK & Ireland and honorable member of the Polish Association of Dance-Psychotherapy.

3. My Service

Using a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques I have over 25 years experience in treating conditions such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • all forms of trauma including PTSD
  • low self-esteem
  • loss and bereavement
  • child abuse
  • relationship issues
  • psychosomatic illness
  • burn-out syndrome etc.

I also work with people who are looking for more satisfaction in their life and want to deepen their individuality.

Contact details:

Leeds, Yorkshire

Tel: 0113 2786625

Mobile: 07792772661

Email: danutakoziello@lineone.net

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